Referendum result for North Lanarkshire

Vote announced

The Counting Officer for North Lanarkshire announced the total votes cast for each answer in the Scottish Independence Referendum.

A total of 115,783 votes were cast for Yes and a total of 110,922 votes were cast for No.

A total of 178 votes were rejected for a number of reasons: 3 did not bear the official mark on the ballot paper; 18 voted in favour of both answers; 7 included writing or a mark by which the voter could be identified; and 150 were unmarked or void for uncertainty.

The turnout for North Lanarkshire was 84.4%, with 226,883 voters returning a ballot paper from a total registered electorate of 268,738.

A further analysis of the result is detailed below.

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Count ZoneBox Nos.YesNoRejected
A1-88 and Postal Votes 1-24 & 9730,82128,48639
B89-186 and Postal Votes 25-4830,06526,90349
C187-267 and Postal Votes 49-7225,79527,68538
D268-362 and Postal Votes 73-9629,10227,84852
 Confirmed result115,783       110,922  178

NB: It is very important to note that whilst ballot boxes from polling stations were allocated and counted by area this was not the case for postal ballots which were simply distributed evenly across the four counting areas and any box could have contained votes from any area. Post ballots accounted for 14.3% of all votes cast.  Accordingly, the above figures can only provide a broad indication of voting outcomes in each of the areas.

The count zones covered the following areas:

ZONE A - Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Northern Corridor

ZONE B - Coatbridge and part of Airdrie

ZONE C - Remainder of Airdrie, Shotts, Bellshill and Viewpark

ZONE D - Motherwell and Wishaw.

The above count zones reflect those contained in the .

In addition, detailed verification statements for the count including numbers of tendered ballot papers are available for download from the panel on the right.

Finally, it should be noted that it was not a requirement to produce and publish results at an area level and the above figures have been reported in an attempt to be helpful in addressing enquiries which have been received from a number of different sources requesting more detailed analysis.

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